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In this 2D runner you play as Kordan Jirby, the hero the world nee--well, the one it has left. He was brought into service not because his skills were top notch or he was the most brave. Instead, Kordan was a last resort. Try your best using your limited jumping abilities and lack of coordination to go as far as you can with the hoping of reaching some doubtful end.

Kordan Jirby has been given a hypsometer, a tool for measuring the height of trees or tall objects. With it, he can leap to great heights simply with the tap or swipe of the screen! Surely this is all the help a normal athlete needs to reach his goal.

- Tap or click the screen for a quick jump over short obstacles
- Swipe the screen up or down for a high jump over tall obstacles

Install instructions

The jar file for the desktop version will require Java to be installed. Once the file has finished downloading, you can play the game by opening or running the jar file.

I have not tested the jar file for Linux or Mac platforms, so until further testing they are left unchecked for the desktop download.


Kordan Jirby - Desktop v1.0 36 MB
Kordan Jirby - Android v1.0 33 MB

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